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Information About Web Based Malpractice Search Results:

On July 17, 2007, ORS 742.400, the law that governs malpractice reporting, was amended. One of the primary changes was the definition of "claim."  The new definition defines a malpractice claim as a written demand for payment regarding alleged professional negligence that has been filed in a court.

The malpractice search results below show closed malpractice claims that were filed in court and resulted in a judicial finding or admission of liability, or a monetary judgment, award, or settlement that involves payment to the claimant/plaintiff by anyone named in the claim.

Licensee: Welker, Kenneth Jay MD


Malpractice Claims

Reedsport, OR
(1) Settled by parties
Patient underwent colonoscopy performed by Dr. Welker for abdominal pain and guiac positive stool. Several polyps were removed, all negative for cancer. Dr. Welker was unable to completely remove one polyp. Samples were removed and pathology diagnosed those samples as non-cancerous tubular adenoma. Dr. Welker advised the patient to undergo repeat colonoscopy in two years. The patient was diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer in 12/08 and expired 4/2010. His estate alleged that Dr. Welker violated the standard of care by failing to inform the patient that one polyp had not been completely removed, failing to do a repeat colonoscopy within a few months to remove the remaining polyp completely and/or failing to refer the patient to a specialist who could remove the polyp completely.

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